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Sprint Talent Development Programme

JMG Systems – Sprint Talent Development Programme

The Need:

JMG Systems are an ISO 9001 accredited company, and are specialists in the design, manufacture and support of electrical control panels, displays, remote controls and wiring systems for engine based machines.  The business has grown steadily over the last 30+ years, is a proactive employer in the Omagh area and supply some of the largest manufacturers of engine based machinery in the world. To support the growth and maintain the strong market reputation we wanted to increase our people and management capabilities with our employees who show high potential, with a view to developing JMG ‘Champions’.

The Advice:

JMG Systems engaged Think People to design and deliver a Programme of Sprint Sessions on various topics to build on the management capabilities to create JMG ‘Champions’.  They worked firstly with our Senior Management Team to establish our true need and what we expected the outcomes of the Programme to be. Our dedicated Senior Consultant understood our core values and how important it was that these were incorporated throughout the Programme.

The Result:

“Think People worked with us to create a development programme for the people in our organisation who show promise and potential.  The thing that makes Think People stand out from other training providers was that they took time to ensure that we got a programme that reflected who we were as an organisation and the values we hold important.  This has resulted in a programme that we can roll out across the company that reflects exactly the values that the company is built on, what we expect from our team and contributes to the development of our peoples’ potential.”

Joann McCaul, Managing Director, JMG Systems.

“Think People created a bespoke talent development programme which has been extremely valued by us.  The DiSC profiling was a hot topic and the conversations it generated has changed our thinking in how we communicate.  Our trainer brought lots of energy, experience and fun which motivated our group whilst always making sure we took away at least 1 action from each session.  We would highly recommend!”

Debbie O’Brien, HR, JMG Systems.

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