Retained HR Services & Employer Protection Insurance Scheme

Flexible retained HR support options to suit your needs.

Our retained HR support service provides you with reliable, professional and rapid HR support, without the commitment of a permanent in-house HR resource. Employer Protection Insurance Scheme is optional. Further details are below.

“Reassurance that my HR matters will be dealt with professionally and pragmatically, always with the business in mind.”

We make managing HR within your business hassle free and straightforward. Service options include both standard and premier support, depending on preference and need. The amount of support can be ramped up to cover particular projects or business need.



  • Allocated HR Consultant who will catch up by phone each month

  • Unlimited telephone support

  • Unlimited email support including template letters / operational queries

  • Monthly HR Insights newsletter

  • Free place at up to 2 of our breakfast or lunch seminars


  • 1 on site visit per quarter for 1/2 day or used as agreed with the client

  • Offsite HR Support

  • Ongoing review of HR Policy & Procedure – Employment Handbook & Contracts

  • Monthly HR Insights Newsletter

  • Free place at up to 4 of our breakfast and lunch seminars annually

Fees will vary depending on the size of your company and the breadth of service you require.

Employer Protection Insurance Scheme

The easy and cost effective way to remove the burden of employment disputes from your business. With the distraction of increasingly complex and costly employment disputes directly affecting the profitability of many businesses across the UK it could be time to look at how our expertise can allow you to focus on what you do best. To help employers deal with these problems we have launched a dedicated Employment Law Protection Scheme for our clients.

How Our Scheme Works

It is comprised of 3 core components that have been designed to offer seamless financial and business continuity protection:-

  1. The Audit (Health Check)   your current policies and practices will be reviewed in order for us to get to know your business and establish how to bring you up to date with the latest legislation and achieve compliance within the law .
  1. Expert Advice (Ongoing Support & Dialogue)  Direct access to unlimited advice by a qualified HR Consultant, who knows your business and understands your specific needs. You are given clear advice that is in the best interest of your business.   This not only ensures that the matter is properly handled from the outset but also ensures that you are fully insured when you follow the advice given.
  1.  Insurance Policy (Financial Security) We are fully authorised to manage your claim by insurers.  The policy fits with our services seamlessly and pays the legal costs of an employment dispute, covers settlements and the cost of awards.  This radically minimises your exposure to unexpected financial loss, and caps all your Employment and HR costs providing peace of mind. * Full details of the cover is available upon request

How Our Scheme Is Unique

Our scheme is operated by dedicated HR Consultants who understand our client’s specific needs.

  • We deliver a hand on practical solution to problems, and will advise you how to avoid future claims arising.
  • We enable you to budget for and cap all your Employment costs
  • We seamlessly handle claims in your best interest through special arrangements with insurers


"Angela set the context for what she was presenting. I found this more interesting, it was easier to relate, think about topics in real business context. "

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