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Remote Working Readiness Assessment

Do You Know What To Do To Prepare Your Business For Wide Scale Remote Working?

We have done the thinking to help you with this process.

Our comprehensive but straightforward Remote Working Readiness Assessment is carried out by our Organisational Development Consultants, to provide you with a tailored report with the processes and guidance to make remote working as efficient as possible.

Have you thought about…

  • What additional tools and processes do we need to optimise remote working?
  • How are our managers going to manage performance remotely and do they have the knowledge, skills and tools to do so?
  • What needs to be communicated to manage remote working, and how will this be communicated to your workforce?
  • What do our workforce need to know about remote working? Will they know how best to communicate with their manager and team?
  • How do we keep our staff engaged and motivated if they need to self-isolate?
  • How can we continue service delivery in the event of a lockdown?

We have. With combined decades of experience working with organisations of every type and size to prepare them for major and sudden change, we have the answers to your questions and we will solve your problems before they arise.

Your Remote Working Readiness Assessment, Report & Toolkit will cover:

  1. Assessment: A phone or video consultation with one of our Organisation Development Consultants to work through our structured Remote Working Readiness Assessment, lasting no more than 90 minutes. More efficient than brainstorming an approach in-house from scratch.
  2. Report: Provision of a comprehensive Recommendations Report covering all aspects of widescale remote working rollout, divided into: planning, management, and review and further recommendations.
  3. Managed Rollout: Managed rollout of your Remote Working Readiness Toolkit, inc: planning, management, and review. On-demand assistance for directors and managers to handle issues as they arise. Post-remote-working re-engagement activities. (This stage is optional)

£249 +VAT for Assessment and Recommendation Report, with Managed Rollout tailored to your budget.

To find out more contact Bethany O’Neill, Organisational Development Consultant, on: bethany.o’ or +4428 9031 0450.

Cora Degan