Great Managers

Developing & supporting managers, to develop and support your teams

Managers are the gateway to your people. They have daily contact with everyone in the business and an unquestioned impact on engagement and performance.

Often demands on managers are high. They are the first line for roll out of projects, the management of change, the perfect people to see and act on opportunities for continuous improvement, and responsible for delivery and response to day to day issues. Their task is a broad and challenging one.

We have developed bespoke and open programmes for managers at all levels. Understanding the context we develop practical solutions focussed programmes that look at problem solving relevant organisation and personal challenges.

“People don’t leave companies, they leave Managers”.

How do we help our managers be as personally effective as possible and equip them to manage and motivate others?

How can you get the best from your team? How do you really motivate them? How do you deal with a difficult member of staff? How do you have that difficult conversation? How do you build trust, create and maintain strong and effective working relationships? How do you make sure you are performing at your best? How do you deal with performance issues?

Put simply, we challenge and inspire your managers to challenge and inspire their teams.

We use the following model to help affect real positive change:

Many of our programmes are bespoke. We’ve provided a taste of some of the programme approaches we have taken.

  • Leading & Managing

    Delivering through others

    • Bespoke programmes
    • Organisation need focussed
    • Developing through careers
    • Maximising new challenges
    • Developing the next generation
  • ENGAGE – Management Development Programme (ILM L4)

    The essential management toolkit

    • The management role & strategy
    • Getting the most from professional relationships
    • Maximising individual performance
    • Managing Change
    • ILM Accredited Programme
  • Management Fundamentals (2 day high impact)

    Get the basics right

    • Managers role and impact
    • Managing performance
    • Great conversations and feedback
    • Dealing with issues
  • Effective Team Leaders

    Moving form team member to leader

    • Specific to organisation role
    • The move from friend to manager
    • Core competencies
    • Core skills
    • Tool kits
  • Managing Change

    Deliver through change

    • Understanding your change
    • Relevant case studies
    • Understanding behaviours
    • Communication & engagement
    • Practical bespoke activities
  • Coaching Skills for Managers

    Develop a coaching style

    • Accredited programmes
    • Coaching as a management tool workshops
    • Coaching series: short high impact sessions

“All the programmes have received very positive feedback and the practical follow through has been excellent both in relation to on the job skills and behaviour as well as accelerated development within talent groups.”

Sinead Syminton, Head of HR


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