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Core Management Skills Programme

This programme is designed to equip your managers with competence, confidence and greater resilience. Focused on areas of people management which we know require real skill, our practical programme is a stepping-stone to greater success.

Recommended for new and more experienced managers,, this programme has been purpose built by our in-house Leadership and Management experts to meet the needs of managers across all industry sectors. The feedback has been outstanding and we are proud to be making a real difference. Not to be mistaken for another theoretical, classroom experience, this programme different. It is written by and facilitated by people with first-hand experience who have a knack for engaging the participants and providing lots of opportunity for practical skills development.

Key Benefits

  • Optional ILM accreditation at Level 4 – Award in Leadership & Management
  • Increased understanding of your role as a leader and the link to organisation strategy
  • Awareness of personal communication style and using techniques to get the most from your team and professional relationships
  • Understanding of and ability to apply the most recent thinking in managing for high performance
  • Confidence to manage change more effectively and look for continuous improvement
  • Eliminating the fear associated with conflict and difficult conversations using effective techniques
  • Developing ways to build personal resilience
  • Sharing knowledge and experience with peers across industry sectors
  • Increased confidence in your role
  • A toolkit for maximising individual performance and increase resilience


  • Personal Leadership: The role of the manager
  • Managing for High Performance
  • Managing Conflict & Holding Difficult Conversations
  • Managing and Implementing Change
  • Mental Toughness

Programme Dates

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Approach to Learning

This is a highly practical and interactive programme. Delegates will continually review their current approach and apply models and techniques to practical examples ready for application in the workplace.



Content Overview

Module 1: The Role of the Manager in Delivering Performance

Delegates are given the opportunity to really reflect on their roles as leaders and managers, and on what drives successful performance in today’s organisation. There is a focus on their contribution to and responsibility for the delivery of organisation strategy through their teams. Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the essential skills of communication are introduced and explored in some depth to facilitate a greater understanding on style, impact and their ability to get the best from their teams and professional relationships.

Module 2: Understanding Conflict in the Workplace and managing difficult Conversations

Building on the insights into the leadership role, EI and communication skills delegates will learn about the nature of conflict in organisations, the reasons for conflict and the manager’s role in intervening with strategies for understanding and resolution. This is followed up with an instructor led sessions with practice managing difficult conversations where delegates begin to develop strategies that can be applied to current workplace issues or challenges.

Module 3: Managing and Implementing Change

This module recognises the fast moving nature of modern organisations and the role of managers both in managing change and driving continuous improvement. The skills of communication and focused performance management underlie the ability to manage change effectively.

During this module delegates will refer back to these as they look at the principles underpinning the process of effective change management, how to bring teams through the personal challenges of change, as well as how to manage and minimise the impact of stress on the team and themselves. A large practical element of the session will be tools to identify opportunities for change within the organisation and how to plan for this change which will lead to a proposal to bring back to the organisation for improvements.

Module 4: Managing for High Performance

This module is designed to deliver comprehensive training in the skills required to manage performance confidently and effectively, including both informal and formal approaches to day to day performance management. Using the tools and knowledge from the previous modules managers will practice constructing and giving effective feedback, holding difficult conversations and coaching for performance development. Core coaching skills will be reviewed and practiced.
Time and attention will be given to practical opportunity to practice objective setting and constructing effective feedback via the use of case study and skills practice. Participants will come away with a clear understanding of how to plan and structure performance review discussions and how to develop a coaching approach to management and shared problem solving.

Module 5: Developing Mental Toughness

Delegates will learn about the Importance and implications of mental toughness and where mental toughness makes a difference in terms of performance, wellbeing, positive behaviours and aspiration. Delegates will compete an assessment of their own levels of mental toughness and begin to understand triggers which impact on their performance and stress levels. They will also apply this knowledge to recognising triggers in their team.

Delegates will learn techniques in;

Developing attentional control
Developing anxiety control
Developing positive thinking and visualisation
Effective goals setting
Variety of tools for developing mental toughness

Finally delegates will build an action plan bringing all elements together (current behaviours, goal setting and implementation practice).

Programme Fees

Stand-Alone Programme cost £1,500 (exc. VAT)
Programme with optional ILM Level 4 Accreditation £1,900 (exc. VAT)
Approach to learning

This is a highly practical and interactive programme. Delegates will continually review their current approach and apply models and techniques to practical examples ready for application in the workplace. There may be pre-work as well as guided reading to maximise the practical value of each session.

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